Cricket Sunglasses


Cricket is a game that’s slow of pace and easy going in style. Those brief moments of action are followed by a lot of standing around. And it all takes place in the height of summer. That means loads of UV. You want comfort and protection from the sun’s harmful rays: you want light in weight and strength in frame. But the right choice of sunglasses can help enhance the red against a green background helping you pick out the ball just that bit easier.

One thing that’s very important for cricket, or so we’ve been told, is optical clarity. Sunglasses that aren’t up to bat in the clarity stakes can cause your eyes to constantly readjust to maintain the focus. You may not notice it but this could mean that in the split second your eye is off the ball it thuds next to you instead of crisply in your hands.

A good pair of sunglasses can also help prevent impact injuries to your face.