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Since 1937, Ray-Ban have been producing an array of shades; from directional and on- trend, to inspirational classics that boast their technological knowledge and show case the Ray- Ban brand heritage. Guaranteed to cause a fashion riot when releasing a new frame, Ray-Ban is channelled by celebs and non celebs alike. From the aviator to the wayfarer, Ray-Ban's brand heritage results in a plethora of styles that encompass a time line of eras, inspiring a re-invention with modern and contemporary twists. The first ever style of sunglasses ever made were named 'Aviator'. Designed to help improve the performance of army fighter pilots in the Second World War, this shades fast became a status symbol for the brave and cool. Since then, Ray- Ban has become the most iconic brand of sunglasses in the world.

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Ray-Ban has always offered the height of technology in advanced lenses, protecting eyes against UV radiation. The sun's UV rays can cause serious long term problems such as cataracts, clouding of the lens and loss of vision in the centre of the vision field. Today lenses can do so much more and Ray-Ban has released a wide range of different lenses over the years. Seeing in the creation of Rock 'n' Roll and its timeless style, when fighter pilots preferred sunglasses to goggles because the nose bridge enabled them to stash a cheeky cigarette, Ray-Ban now has one hundred and fifty models and has produced two of the best selling styles in fashion history, the original Aviator and the iconic Wayfarer.


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