Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
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Ray-Ban 3025 AviatorRay-Ban 3025 AviatorRay-Ban 3025 Aviator
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Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator

Arista 001/51 Medium 58mm

Price : $151
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Current size Medium 58mm. Change size to

Ray-Ban 3025 001/51 Arista/Crystal Brown Gradient Aviator Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban 3025 aviator sunglass is one of Ray-Ban's signature pieces. Designed in the 1930s for pilots it has since become a global phenomenon and is worn by people of all ages and all face shapes. The Ray-Ban aviator cannot be faulted.

Lens Category: 3

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Lens ColourBrown

Frame ShapeAviator

Current size: Medium 58mmFind out more

Frame ColourGold

RRP: $187(Price Match Guarantee)

UPC: 805289305033


Face Shape
Diamond, Heart, Oblong
Brunette, Long, Redhead, Shaved
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  • 3025 Aviator Gold L0205
  • 3025 Aviator Arista 001/51 Small 55mm
  • 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/17 58mm
  • 3025 Aviator Silver Mirror W3277
  • 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/19
  • 3025 Aviator Arista W3234
  • 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85 55
  • 3025 Aviator Silver 003/3F Small 55mm
  • 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/69 58
  • 3025 Aviator Gunmetal W0879
  • 3025 Aviator Black L2823 58mm
  • 3025 Aviator Brown 014/51 Medium 58mm
  • 3025 Aviator Silver Crystal 003/40
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 001/33 Medium 58mm
  • 3025 Aviator Gunmetal 004/51 Medium 58mm
  • 3025 Aviator Silver Mirror 003/59 Polarised
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 001/3E Small 55mm
  • 3025 Aviator Black 002/58 Polarised Small 55mm
  • 3025 Aviator Silver 004/78 Polarised 62
  • 3025 Aviator Gunmetal 004/58 Polarised Medium 58mm
  • 3025 Aviator Arista 001/57 Polarised Small 55mm
  • 3025 Aviator Silver 003/32 58mm (large)
  • 3025 Aviator Arista Gold 001-3F
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 001/3F
  • 3025 Aviator Brushed Bronze Demi Shiny 167/1M
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 001/58 Polarised Large 62mm
  • 3025 Aviator Gold Mirror W3276
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 001/15 Polarised
  • 3025 Aviator Matte Silver 019/O5 Polarised
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 001/3R Polarised
  • 3025 Aviator Silver 019/Z2 55
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 112/93
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 112/P9 Polarised 58MM
  • 3025 Aviator Silver Mirror W3275
  • 3025 Aviator Arista 001/3K Small 55mm
  • 3025 Aviator Arista 001/4F Small 55mm
  • 3025 Aviator Black 002/76 Polarised 58mm
  • 3025 Aviator Ray-Ban 029 029/71
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 112/4L Polarised 58mm
  • 3025 Aviator Demiglos Brushed Bronze 167/4K
  • 3025 Aviator Demiglos Brushed Bronze 167/68
  • 3025 Aviator Demiglos Brushed Bronze 167/2K
  • 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/4D Polarised
  • 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/4D Polarised
  • 3025 Aviator Gold 001