Nooka Sunglasses

NYC based artist Matthew Waldman founded Nooka four years ago. He attended school for the arts and architecture before freelancing as a designer, and spent a several years as working as an art director in Tokyo. After his time in Japan, Matthew moved back toNYC, eventually founding the design firm Berrymatch.
Prior to his work at Berrymatch, Matthew acted as Creative Director at New York Zoom Inc. It was during his time at the company that he began developing his design ideas for intuitive interface design.

While looking at a clock in a London hotel, Matthew remembered being at school and the experience of learning how to tell time. He was struck by the fact that the current standard for telling time was not intuitive, so he began sketching ideas exploring more intuitive concepts. He was later able to patent his designs, and was eventually approached to produce some of them through Seiko.

In 2005 Matthew expanded his line of timepieces and began manufacturing and selling them himself through Nooka Inc.
Nooka is a NYC fashion company specialising in products that engage the mind as well as the body. Best known for its line of timepieces, Nooka has expanded its range to include jewellery, fragrance and eyewear.

The eyewear collection consists of just a couple of styles such as Nooka Mercury. These lightweight frames with a single mirror lens are designed to compliment the popular Nooka Zub line. There is also the futuristic Nooka Venus which is hand polished of stainless steel. They also have a single mirror lens but their slick metal frame makes them a tad sleeker than their plastic predecessors. But perhaps even cooler is the glow in the dark version of the Nooka Mercury. Wearing your sunglasses has never been so cool thanks to Nooka. This cutting edge design appears light blue during the day and glows green once the lights go off.

Nooka appeals to younger adult males who are often recognised for their sense of fashion and style as well as fashion-conscious young women who know the power of well designed accessories. With a growing cult following - Will.I.Am, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber and Amber Rose – these may just be the coolest shades on the block.