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The Birth of France's Oldest Fashion House 

The story of Lanvin began with the 20th century. The clothes that Jeanne Lanvin made for her daughter caught public attention and the requests started coming. Lanvin obliged and was able to create a business from demand. Wealthy mothers wanted clothes for themselves too and a fashion house was born. A boutique on Rue Du Faubourg de Saint Honore was opened and supplied great demand for Lanvin's talents. And in 1909 Lanvin joined the Syndicat de la Couture. Lanvin couture was in high demand in the twenties with modern, detailed design and in 1923 a dyeing factory in Nanterre was acquired supplying the designer's passion for colour. The house expanded and furs, home wares, menswear and lingerie were sold under the Lanvin label. Jeanne Lanvin was one of the designers to define fashion in the Art Deco period. The couture was characterised by strong attention to detail in intricate bead work, adept embroidery and sophisticated trimmings. Pale delicate colour was also trademark.

When Jeanne Lanvin died in 1946, her daughter took ownership of the house. Indeed Lanvin remained in the family until after various stakes and shares changed hands over the next few decades the brand was fully acquired by L’Oreal in 1996.

Enter Elbaz

After another shift in ownership with involvement from private investment in 2001 Lanvin was transformed. Alber Elbaz was appointed as head of the house. The Moroccan designer brought the brand into the 21st century and the luxuriance and the modernity was truly brought back to the name of . Elbaz who designed for Yves Saint Laurent under the designer himself in 1998, was to be in charge of the full range of wares. In 2006 he created a new packaging for the brand inspired by the couturier's favourite forget-me-not shade which she is said to have once seen in a fresco. In this year Lucas Ossendrijver was also drafted in for the debut menswear line which has been very well received. 

The attention to detail at the heart of Lanvin continues under Elbaz today and the house maintains a strong presence within at fashion week. Elbaz is an experimental yet keeps it all within the sophistication of couture. Luxuriant modern fashion is executed with striking contrasts in materials, textures, colours, graphic volume and an industrial aesthetic.

Lanvin's Luxuriant Detail Comes to Sunglasses 

The latest eyewear collection is directly informed by the striking accessories straight from the catwalk. At Lanvin detail is king; so these are naturally statement sunglasses. The industrial and contemporary look seen in both men's and womenswear collections is interpreted directly in the frames. Oversized hinges, screws as hinge pins, strong cuts and antiquated metals create stunning and distinctive eyewear. The Art Deco era comes through in this very strong metal based aesthetic. In women's frames it is softened with bands of Swarovski crystals. Snakeskin provides more luxuriance and detail. For the men and strong masculine look is retained. An authenticity comes through in this vintage look with retro shapes and horn acetates.

The logo has been created by Alber Elbaz for the eyewear collection. In warm grey it appears on the left lens and on the inside of the temple tips authenticating these exquisite frames.

Lanvin sunglasses have gained a following from a wide range of celebrities including Rihanna, Courtney Love, Kanye West, Tilda Swinton, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and Pharell Williams are a handful that has fallen for the class and distinction of this coveted brand's luxury frames.

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