Hugo Boss Sunglasses

The Hugo Boss story began back in 1931, with one man and just 6 sewing machines. Hugo Boss became an RZM-licensed (official) supplier of uniforms to the SA, SS, NSKK and other Party organizations, resulting in his sales to increase by ten fold. A relatively short involvement in the brand he created, Hugo Boss died in 1948, but his brand lived on.

Nineteen years after the death of company founder, Hugo Boss, two of his grandsons, Uwe and Jochen Holy, took over the firm. The business-savvy brothers turned the company around completely, steering it into a new, more promising direction: menswear. While Jochen, the younger brother by two years, had a sense for the latest trends, his older brother Uwe developed the necessary marketing strategies. With the brother's key strengths and passion for premium, on trend tailoring, Hugo Boss begun to make suits in colours such as green, and brown; an unusual choice for the German man, who was used to stiff, regimented fabrics in grayscale palettes.

The suits and jackets of the Holy brothers outperformed all their competitors' within just a decade due to their more youthful, directional cuts made with lightweight Italian fabrics. By the 70s, Hugo Boss was considered a premium, designer brand, pioneering the trend to manufacture abroad. After the Boss suit had conquered Western Europe, the Holy brothers made the crucial step across the Atlantic, where its fan base grew steadily.

With the backing of fit, strong and handsome celebrities, the brand gained further press. Action star, Sylvester Stallone and tennis hero, Bjorn Borg were walking advertisements for the brand's broad shouldered power-suits. A huge following of the stubble-cheeked cops of TV hit, Miami Vice, begun due to the actors wearing a signature palette of candy pastel, Hugo Boss blazers, teamed with washed denim. An iconic, frequently referenced trend of the 80s.

The mid 90s saw a softer side of the brand, taking a less 'Bossy' take on their designs with the wide shoulders being rounded off in order to shake off its sharp, unobtainable reputation. In 1997, Hugo Boss Woman was created adding a feminine touch to Hugo Boss and expanding its clientele.

Now, the brand boasts a young, energetic collection, that continues to boast premium, on-trend pieces sitting amidst a laid back, sartorial inspired wardrobe, with effortlessly polished perfection.

The Hugo Boss Eyewear collection features an eclectic mix of unisex styles. From 70s and 50s inspired frameworks, to classic, sports inspired silhouettes; each frame has been created using premium materials and precise, high-end technology. Hugo Boss continue to design using clean cut lines and on trend detailing, resulting in a beautiful collection.