Sunglasses Shop Hairstyles and Eyewear Guide

Sunglasses Shop's team of experts are at hand to help you choose the perfect pair of sunnies to suit your individual look and lifestyle. Whether you're looking to break out of a style rut and want to try something new, or you've recently had a hair style over hall and need a little guidance as to what frame you should be wearing, our definitive guide to choosing the perfect pair is ready to inspire you. Here you'll find what frame and colour will work for you, whether your locks are long and flowing, short and androgynous, brown, blonde, or red. It's all here at Sunglasses Shop.

The Definitive Guide

Bold colours will add contrast when paired with dark tresses and whether you're a natural red head or have gone for the vibrant tones of pillar box red, you're stealing all the sunglasses fun this season. Long hair holds so many options and looks, while a strong framework will look hot against a devil may care bob. If you sport a shaved head then less is sometimes more. You'll have endless choices.

You'll find the hairstyles and the sunglasses that match seamlessly, and all in one place. If you discover a pair of sunglasses that you fall in love with you may even want to change your hair to suit and our guide still works.

So get your hairstyle and using our guide get yourself well on the way to sunglasses sublimity.