Dirty Dog Sunglasses

Dirty Dog is the go-to brand for alternative sports. Whether on the waves, the slopes or the field, Dirty Dog sunglasses have all the sporting credentials to help sporty types shine. Dirty Dog's sunglasses and performance focused eyewear is ideal for both traditional sports, like cricket and cycling, and alternative sports like surfing and snowboarding. Engineered to be strong but lightweight and featuring advanced technology for high-intensity situations, Dirty Dog sunglasses are guaranteed to give the edge you need to succeed and look good at the same time.

What Can You Expect from Dirty Dog Sunglasses?

Dirty Dog sunnies take style tips from alternative sports cultures and create distinctive sunglasses whose good looks almost hide the wealth of technology in each frame. All Dirty Dog sunglasses are designed to fit snugly around the face, provide optimum comfort and maximum protection from sun glare with lightweight polycarbonate lenses.

The polycarbonate lens has high impact resistance, superior strength and is built from the most impact resistant optical material available. This protects the wearer's eyes when under duress and provides a clear view of any high glare situation. Dirty Dog lenses are also given a scratch resistant treatment which covers the lens in a hard protective coating which improves the lifetime of the lens and prevents the deterioration of lens clarity. Along with a tough outer shell, the lens possesses a hydrophobic coating that causes water to bead and run off, ideal for any situation where moisture can impede vision.

Tough Dirty Dog Sunglasses

That all sounds pretty technical, so what do professional athletes think of Dirty Dog sunglasses? International yachtsman Brad Webb has competed in more than twenty countries over his sixteen year career and holds two World Match Racing titles. When he races, he wears Dirty Dog sunglasses. And what does he say about Dirty Dog? “When the best is demanded of me, I demand the best from my eyewear. Dirty Dogs have stood up to the challenge.”

Dirty Dog are serious sports focused sunglasses concealed behind a boisterous personality. The sportsmen Dirty Dog sponsor illustrate that – they only let the best alternative sportsmen represent their brand. Surfing, Skiing, Snowboarding; whether on water or frozen water, Dirty Dog have the intricate technology and the rowdy personality to give sportsmen and women the advantage.

More Dirty Dog Sunglasses Tech

Dirty Dog sunglasses are constructed from materials designed to keep their shape under the harshest conditions. Dirty Dog's acetate frames can withstand the heat of the desert or the freezing temperatures of the Arctic without losing their shape or strength. Their acetate frames are also hand cut and ground to a superior standard by Dirty Dog's craftsmen which ensures that every frame meets the high quality standards expected of Dirty Dog.

Dirty Dog's metal frame sunglasses continue that high quality standard with sophisticated electroplating and powder coating technologies that guarantee resistance to oxidation and corrosion. With painstaking craft like that, it's no surprise that Dirty Dog frames offer superior durability and comfort for the wearer.

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