Cazal Eyewear

Genuine eyewear pioneers are few and far between. The majority of sunglass brands are happy to be part of the pack and never break away. But Cazal likes to do things differently and forever strive to be truly unique.

Cazal design steers clear of mainstream trends and seeks out new directions to take eyewear style. And it's all for one very important reason - you need to polarise opinion before you can be truly loved. To be the peak of style, design has to be unmistakeable, striking and extraordinary.

“Clothe your eyes” is the tagline behind Cazal eyewear - it reflects the idea that extravagant high fashion doesn't have to be exclusive to clothes. Cari Zalloni founded Cazal in 1975 with a mission to provide unique style and zero imitation. And today Cazal is a brand recognised the world over as being completely distinguished from its competitors.

Cazal's exclusivity as a global brand comes from the desire to satisfy the highest of demands. Extravagant and outside fashion trends – Cazal lays the paths that others follow. Cazal's passion for revolutionising eyewear has given life to a range of sunglasses that are frank and proud fashion statements. Glasses are no longer exclusively functional - they are accessories that express the wearer's individuality.

Zalloni designs each Cazal frame to occupy a unique space in the eyewear universe. Innovation is fused with premium style and finished off with the famous Cari Zalloni signature. That's the mark of guaranteed quality and exclusivity.

Cari Zalloni is famous for steering clear of the current zeitgeist of eyeglass design - never being in thrall of trends but instead defining them. With this philosophy the individuality, values and high quality of Cazal will always be upheld so Cazal sunglasses remain that rare breed of fashion brand that is forever lusted after.