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Ray-Ban 2140 Denim

As irresistible as a great pair of jeans… as cool as a wayfarer

New Wayfarer. Denim Gets The Ray-Ban Treatment…

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Ray-Ban 2140 Denim Collection

Layer after layer after layer of denim.  It’s the theme of Ray-Ban’s latest version of the world-changing 2140 Wayfarer.

You’ve seen Wayfarer in prints, you’ve seen Wayfarer in camo – now we’ve got that look of danger available in rugged denim.

Carefully crafted from 100% ultra-strong denim this newest 2140 is then covered in layers of polypropylene and acetate that are fused in a process that reaches 200 degrees.

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Ray-Ban 2140 Denim Sunglasses at Sunglasses Shop

Ray-Ban 2140 Denim Sunglasses at Sunglasses Shop

It took two years of research

… and each pair is finished with original rivets and a hypoallergenic silicone nose pad to make them feel as good as they look. comes in six cool colours.

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Fashion is Re-Thinking Denim

This new 2140 brings together an iconic material and an iconic style. You feel the raw denim at the edges of this designer sunglass. You are ahead in the denim trend, and you’ll need to be says our Fashion Editor Cassandra Hollis:

"Your take on the denim trend will need to be original come 2015 when it really hits the high street."

Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci all presented jeans recently for the first time in years. Tom Ford is doing double and triple denim for 2015 whilst Burberry Prorsum is renewing the denim jacket. Dior Homme is mixing denim with tailoring for another season."

“Ray-Ban offers another layer, one that's original too.”

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Ray-Ban 2140 Denim Sunglasses online at Sunglasses Shop official stockist