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♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Sunglasses Of The Month March 2014 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Presenting Serengeti Brera and Sophia

Unmistakeable Serengeti for him and for her.
This is retro brought right up to date

Serengeti are proud to make some of the finest sunglasses available. The Serengeti lens is world-renowned; Serengeti pioneered photochromic (light adapting) technology. And every Serengeti contains it. Sophia is handcrafted from acetate, the perfect canvas for presenting Sophia's beautiful colours. Brera is hand-sanded and features that unmistakeable hinge of copper beryllium – the strongest of any copper alloy. But both are the perfect blend of modern and classic...

Brera Satin Tortoise 7929 Polarised

Brera - Satin Tortoise 7929 Polarised


While the world slavishly recreates vintage details in it's retro offerings, Brera feels new at the same time. And it's really premium in the flesh.

It's a confident look, one that's really striking out on its own... masculine.

Plus it's a flat top – another hot eyewear trend for men, but its a grown up take on that particular trend so you get the edge with sophistication too.

Brera's frame is made of the finest quality acetate. And it's been hand-sanded for a luxurious matte finish.  Original and bold, Brera feels timeless too.

And that unmistakeable hinge... wax cast from copper beryllium it epitomises that current trend for texture and experimentation with metals.

Brera Sanded Dark Brown Drivers 7926 Polarised

Brera - Sanded Dark Brown - Drivers 7926 Polarised

Sophia Clear Crystal - Drivers Gradient 7889

Sophia - Clear Crystal 7889


Sophia is a really subtle easy-to-wear cat eye. It's short so it flatters most faces. And while it's not out and out retro it feels contemporary too.

Sophia's beauty lies in subtleties... layered acetate, playing crystal off against opaque, shows instinct. The notched wire on the temple gives Sophia real distinction.

But the crystal version is a stand out. Crystal clear frames have been a catwalk favourite thanks to their instant contemporary edge. And this is one of the most wearable there’s been. Rose lenses add warmth to the minimalist look.

And spring hinges proves that comfort and style are anything but mutually exclusive.

Sophia Shiny Black Tortoise - 555NM 7890 Polarised

Sophia - Shiny Black Tortoise Laminate 7890 Polarised

Serengeti Lens Technology

Including the 555 lens to tune yellows and greens, or a drivers lens to boost contrast, Serengeti lenses are among the best in the world. Patented Spectral Control fine tunes light transmission so your eyes get the best clarity and colours available. Spectral Control also helps block most blue light – damaging to eyes and a cause of eye fatigue. And all Serengeti's lenses lighten and darken with the conditions, even inside the car where UV is minimal. And all Serengeti are available with free delivery and free returns at Sunglasses Shop.