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Ray-Ban Flash Lenses Collection

Time to Shine - Join the Ray-Ban Flash Mob this Summer

You may have noticed they’re back. You can’t miss them. Head-turning, slick and glamorous, colourful mirrored lenses are summer 2014’s hottest update. Back by popular demand they've made the transition from street to catwalk to high street. Who better to set you apart from the rest this summer than the brand that originated the mirrored lens back in the forties?

You'll not be spoiled for choice, it's the eyewear trend. But not every lens deserves your attention. Ray-Ban forges these outstanding lenses in metal oxides at ultra high temperatures for a sleek flawless finish. This is at molecular level, so these mirrors won’t scratch off like lesser lenses. 

And then there’s that rich, ever changing colour. There’s the orange yellow lens. One moment it’s fiery orange then yellow or red. The blue lens (now the top selling colour in the Aviator collection) will go from deep navy blue to turquoise. The green lens flashes green then turquoise. The newest colour goes from subtle green to riotous pink. Gold mirror flashes brown then gold.

The look’s easy to master too. These are applied to the most worn sunglasses in the world.

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3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/69 58

CATS 5000 Matte Transparent Mirrored Green 646/19

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Flash

Matte Gold 112/17

The original Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator is the world number one best-seller. Here the metal’s toned down with a matte finish, another important update in the Flash mirror lens collection. Alessandra Ambrosio epitomised the modern festival-goer when she snapped these up in orange on their release. She knew how to wear them too; colour matching them with shorts, scarf and sandals.

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3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/17 58mm

Clubmaster Tortoise and Gold 114519

Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Flash

Tortoise and Gold 114519

The Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster also receives the contemporary edge of a new matte finish. If you love this frame but have been put off by its popularity, now’s the time to reflect your true individuality. With its inherent intellectual appeal it's perhaps the most striking twist on an icon in the Flash series. 

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Ray-Ban 3447 Round Metal Flash

Matte Gunmetal 029/93

The definitive Round Metal is revived with a slick of mirror. Here gunmetal is in matte, the perfect foil for a flash of gold. It remains understated somehow with that high contrast frame. This was Mr Lennon's signature frame. The frame remains the same but the lenses never looked so good. 

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3447 Round Metal Matte Gunmetal 029/93

3362 Cockpit Matte Gold 112/4T

Ray-Ban 3362 Cockpit Flash

Matte Gold 112/4T

Ray-Bay Cockpit is good for smaller faces. Or for those looking for a subtler more modern take on the classic Aviator. A Flash mirror turns this understated frame to statement. We love the playfulness of the pink Flash. Pink's hot for men too right now. There's a matte frame too taking the edge off metal leaving all the glory for the mirror.

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Ray-Ban 4105 Folding Wayfarer Flash

Blue 602017

The second best-selling sunglass in the world comes both foldable and now Flash mirrored. Trendy colour syncing is already done for you as frame face matches Flash lens. Breaks in the bridge and temples allow this icon to collapse into a handy handful of cool.

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4105 Folding Wayfarer Blue 602017

CATS 5000 Matte Transparent Mirrored Brown 646/69

Ray-Ban 4125 CATS 5000

Matte Transparent Mirrored Brown 646/69

The plastic update on the Aviator is also in frosty matte. Translucent frames add more contemporary cool. We loved it when Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood matched his green lensed Ray-Ban CATS 5000 with his Jonathan Saunders suit. It’s great for working into a sports inspired look too.

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