Sunglasses Accessories

    Once you’ve bought your sunglasses we’ve a wonderful array of accessories to keep them looking good. Our accessories can keep your sunglasses safe, and in tip top condition for as long as you do.

    Most people look for a really good case when they’ve bought a nice pair of sunglasses. A hard case will protect your beloved sunglasses because our cases can take the punishment your sunglasses can’t. We’ve got them in all shapes and sizes too. There’s pouches, cases and of course drawstring bags if you just want something inexpensive and simple to stop your lenses from scratching when your sunglasses are in your bag.

    Now you’ve got the sunglasses so why not consider a lens cleaning kit that help will keep that sparkle in your eye lasting a little longer. Remember a cleaning kit will also extend the lifetime of your lenses, keeping you looking good for longer and actually making your glasses safer to wear – all those microscopic scratches will take their toll and glare could become flare, distorting your vision.

    If you love water sports and love being by the water you won’t want to see your favourite sunglasses sinking to the bottom of the sea. A sunglasses cord or a floating strap will see an end to that. Secure you sunglasses with a simple cord, or if you’re really worried get a floating strap which should hold your sunglasses on the water, just long enough for you to grab them. It means you can take to the water without fear that the brilliant polarised lenses you’ve bought to protect your eyesight will be going home with you at the end of the day.

    Sunglasses Shop accessories are a great addition to some great sunglasses. They’ll do the hard work of keeping your sunglasses in proper shape, or at least the shape the designers meant them to be. Choose from Sunglasses Shop’s huge range of sunglasses and the accessories that go with them.